Jilievo Volleyball Betting: Super Betting Product 2024

Jilievo volleyball betting is a new product introduced in recent days. Even though it was released not long ago, this product has quickly received the attention of many gamers. Join Jilievo to learn details about this betting masterpiece in the article below!

Overview of the volleyball betting playground

Overview of the volleyball betting playground

Jilievo is a playground specializing in providing online betting services launched in 2020. This bookmaker currently owns a legal betting business license issued by PAGCOR organization. 

All betting activities here are strictly monitored by the Philippine government. Guaranteed to provide bettors with the highest quality, safest and most transparent playing field.

This house owns a lot of quality and rich products. One of them is the Jilievo volleyball betting playground. Besides football, this is an extremely popular sport. This game attracts many players to follow and bet.

In general, volleyball betting is not much different from soccer betting. You just need to clearly understand how to read and predict odds as well as the basic rules to be able to participate and make money right away!

Popular volleyball betting types

Each volleyball match will be divided into 5 sets from 1 to 4. Each set will have a maximum of 25 points and the final set will have a maximum of 15 points. Players will predict the winning team and bet money. In particular, the winning team will be the team that wins 3 out of 5 games.

Jilievo Casino currently offers many forms of volleyball betting, specifically:

Bet wins

You will need to bet on the team you predict will win the match. Winning bets are divided into 3 main types:

  • First half win bet: players will predict which team will win the first half
  • Second half win bet: players will predict which team will win the second half
  • Full match win bet: players will predict which team will win the entire match

Handicap bet

For handicap bets, the team that is considered stronger will have to handicap the weaker team. The probability of a weak team winning against a strong team usually only occurs at a low rate. So if you bet on the winning team being the weak team, the winnings will be higher.

Depending on the strength of the two teams, the house will provide different handicaps. This bet is suitable for those who love adventure, thrill, and drama. Especially those who want to “play big and win big”

Over/Under Betting

The bookmaker will give a hypothetical number about the total goals the two teams can achieve in the match. For example, bookmaker Jilievo predicts the total result of the match to be 187.5. Your task is to predict whether the total goal is greater or less than the number 187.5. Specifically:

  • Bet the total match score over 187.5, ratio 1.88 => If you bet 1 million you will win 880k
  • Bet the total match score over 187.5, ratio 1.85 => If you bet 1 million you will win 850k

For example: The score at the end of the match is 94 – 93, so the total goals in that match is 187. If you predict the total goal is greater than 187.5, it is called Over Bet => You lose.

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How to bet on over/under in volleyball will be divided into 3 main types.  These 3 types are based on 3 stages of the match, which are:

  • Bet on over/under in the first half
  • Bet on over/under for the second half
  • Bet on over/under for the entire match

Bet on total points

You will bet on the final total points that either team will score during the entire match. This method of play will also apply to indoor volleyball and beach volleyball betting. 

However, beach volleyball betting will only play 3 rounds. Indoor volleyball will play 5 rounds. For this category, it will usually score from 130 to 136 points. This is the milestone that you need to remember to be able to bet the exact total number of points.

Bet on the correct total score

This is a type of bet where the house will give the likely score in the match. Players will bet on the score that they think is most likely to happen. This way of playing is considered by experts to be quite difficult. It requires more precision than other ways to play. However, in return, the payout rate of this way of playing is extremely high. You can win millions after just 1 match if you are lucky enough to win.

To help you better understand this betting method, let’s refer to the specific example below:

  • The match score offered by bookmaker Jilievo is 3-1 with odds of 2.38. That means if you bet 1 coin and guess the correct rate, you will be paid 2.38 coins.
  • The match score of bookmaker Jilievo is 3-2 with odds of 3.30. That means if you bet 1 coin and guess the correct rate, you will be paid 3.3 coins
  • The match score of bookmaker Jilievo is 3-0 with odds of 11.00. That means if you bet 1 coin and guess the correct rate, you will be paid 11 coins
  • This calculation is similar for other ratios. The winnings will be x5.5 and x7 times the amount the player spent. This is an extremely attractive odds, isn’t it!

Detailed instructions on how to participate in Jilievo volleyball betting

Detailed instructions on how to participate in Jilievo volleyball betting

The way to bet on Jilievo volleyball is quite simple. You just need to understand a few simple issues as follows:

Jilievo volleyball betting rules

When participating in volleyball betting, what you must clearly understand are the betting rules. Knowing the rules of the game will help you know information related to the match. From there, bet more accurately and avoid unfortunate mistakes that may be made.

Some rules when participating in Jilievo volleyball betting that you need to keep in mind are:

  • A valid volleyball betting game will be based on the final result. A match will be counted from the start until the final whistle sounds. If any subsequent changes affect the result, the bet will not be counted. Unless the type of bet you play has additional corresponding terms.
  • The match must have all members participating. If an athlete withdraws or is disqualified by the referee => All bets on that match will be canceled.
  • If during the competition a team withdraws or postpones the tournament, bets will be void. 

How to calculate points 

The team that wins a round is the team that wins 25 points before the opposing team. The winning team’s score must be at least 2 points different from the other team’s. If one side draws with a score of 24 – 24, they will have to continue playing. Only when the two teams are at least 2 points apart will the match be determined as winner or loser.

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The team that wins the entire match is the one that wins 3 games out of a total of 5 games. If both teams tie at 2 – 2, they will have to continue playing round 5. The task of the two teams is to win 15 points first. Of course, only the team that is separated from the other team by 2 points is considered to win the match. Depending on the size of the match, the 5th round will have a different scoring milestone. The maximum score to achieve may be 25 points or lower.

Jilievo Volleyball betting experience, big wins for new players

Jilievo Volleyball betting experience, big wins for new players

As you can see, Jilievo volleyball betting is quite simple. However, many players often wonder why they know the rules but can’t win? To win big, you will need to keep in mind some betting strategies as follows:

Equip yourself with knowledge about sports betting

To participate in volleyball betting effectively, you must be knowledgeable about it. First, you need to have a basic understanding of volleyball. You should learn volleyball rules, how to read odds, and check bookmakers’ odds. At the same time, players need to know how to analyze the odds table offered by the house. That way you can know how to bet most accurately.

In addition, players also need to learn information related to the match. Specifically: the strength of the two teams, confrontation history, which stars are participating in the competition, etc. The injury situation of the members is also information you need to understand.  This is extremely important information to help you bet more accurately. Remember, the more information you have, the higher your odds of winning.

Analyze bets

For volleyball betting, the scoring method will definitely be different from soccer or basketball. Therefore, to bet correctly, players will need to clearly understand how each round is calculated. In addition, you also need to combine analysis of possibilities. From there, predict whether the odds are feasible or not, whether it’s worth betting or not.

Be steadfast in your decision

A season will have many matches with hundreds of teams participating. At that time, it will be very difficult for you to collect complete information about all teams. Besides, new names will have quite a bit of information for you to learn. Then the level of risk will be higher.

Therefore, it is best for you to choose 1 or 2 familiar teams. These are the teams you know well. You should only focus on these matches. Don’t bet on matches you don’t have any data for. The price to pay will be quite “acrid”!

Reasonable capital management

Capital when playing volleyball betting is always an extremely important factor. It plays a role in deciding whether you can follow it long term or not. A lot of people want to participate in more matches and increase their chances of making money. Therefore, the basic thing you need to do is manage capital effectively. In addition, you also need to divide your finances reasonably and choose the appropriate odds.

Ideally, you should divide your capital into smaller amounts. Then, you proceed to spread it evenly into many different matches. Absolutely do not bet all in. Because volleyball is a subject with a lot of potential fluctuations. Just one small mistake can make you broke right away!


If you are a sports enthusiast, Jilievo volleyball betting is definitely a super product you should try. Wishing you all good luck and will soon win big rewards with this subject!

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